Saturday, December 7, 2013


BLOG POST #1 – Week 7

“Creating More Compassionate Classrooms”

“Caring about young people is a primary reason that adults choose to teach. Sadly, it can be very challenging to find ways of being a caring presence in the midst of jam-packed school days. If, as teachers, we plan strategically to increase compassion in our classrooms, more young people will grow up believing the important words of Walt Whitman in Song of Myself” (Block, 2013).
I really liked this article.  The above quote says it best, I think.  As educators, I think we all try to be as compassionate as possible, whenever possible.  Admittedly, some days this goal proves to be more difficult than others.  The nice thing about this article is that it helps by giving ideas to strategically plan and execute your classroom environment and procedure to ensure that a climate of compassion is created.

Block, Joshua. “Creating More Compassionate Classrooms.” Edutopia. Gannet Digital. 4 Dec 2013. Web. 4 Dec 2013.

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